Frequently Asked Questions

Battle Alliance is a gaming platform that connects pro gamers with casual gamers. Pro gamers can now get hired to play with other gamers. Want more info? Click here.

Pros are expert gamers in their assigned game(s).

Note: Anyone can register as a Pro, however, we only recommend registering if someone is confident in their gaming skills. Keep a lookout for a little check mark next to their username, these are vetted experts by one of our own.

A recruiter simply refers to someone who hires a pro gamer.  Get the best gamers on your team and you’re bound to have an edge over the opposition.

Yes. Everything on our website is completely free to the public. Fees are only associated with our pro membership plans.

We offer a choice between three different plans with different options for getting paid. Select the plan that fits you best.

The charge per game amount is what you charge a recruiter to get hired. It is your fee to play a game.

Depending on which membership plan you choose, there will be a select number of games that you can assign yourself. You can only get hired to play your assigned game(s).

Yes! We know how it feels being stuck to one plan and want to give everyone the option to change plans at anytime. Feel free to upgrade or downgrade. Just note that the price per plan will also change.

No worries, we try and have trustworthy pros on our site who want to play with you. If they’re not available to play, simply send them a message through our message box and book another time and date to play. If they do not reply back or play a game, please contact us.

Yes. If you wish to start earning money by getting hired, you can always change your account from Recruiter to Pro. You will have to select your membership plan before beginning.

Great question! Earning money on our site is a reflection of two distinct features: following and stats. The more followers you have on other social media platforms (i.e. Instagram, twitter, twitch, etc) will increase the likelihood of earning money. Your in-game stats will help you stand out. Do you rank high on the game leaderboard? This will also increase your chances of earning money. Of course, there are many other factors to consider, however, these are the main ones.

Becoming verified under the Veteran Plan occurs randomly. You will receive a notification from us to start the process of becoming verified.

We keep our users information secure and do not release anything to third parties. The only information that is free to the public is your username.

Note: When you sign up as a Pro member, you are considered a ‘seller’ providing a service, therefore, as per PayPal’s policy, the only information that is public is your name and e-mail address associated with your PayPal account.

As per PayPal’s policy, a Recruiter is consider a ‘buyer’, therefore, your shipping information will be public ONLY to the ‘seller’ (Pro) that you are ordering services from.

We are aware of this and will be working to fix this as we understand the importance of security and privacy.

Our pro membership plans are billed monthly to the original method of payment.

As we use PayPal for our payment processing, a small fee is associated with each transaction. This is out of our control and more information about PayPal’s transaction fees can be found on their website.

If you’re a new seller (i.e. Pro) with PayPal, money you receive from your buyers will be placed in your pending balance and will be temporarily unavailable. This money will be moved into your available balance within 21 days.

All payment details can be found in your PayPal account or e-mail.

Sorry to hear that! We would love for you to send us an e-mail on how we could improve our services as we will be sad to see you go.

To change or cancel your membership, log into your PayPal account, go to your Profile page, and click My Preapproved Payments.